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Ariadna Castellanos, our Ambassador in NYC!

Ariadna Castellanos
Ariadna is a piano virtuoso, composer and currently one of the most prominent and promising stars of Flamenco. She merges Flamenco & Jazz in order to create a new language, a unique identity.

Ariadna blends the new harmonies and modern traditions with the wild passionate essence of Flamenco. Based on her technique, acquired with classical piano training, and her natural sense of improvisation, Ariadna’s performances achieve the highest artistic quality.

At the 2013 Latin Grammy Awards, Javier Limón got nominated for “Producer of the Year” for his production of “Flamenco en Black & White”

Ariadna is an excellent ambassador for Le Konsphin.

Behind the Scenes 2013 | Jessica Sturdy (bowsandsequins) We share our last night in new york with @tastedaily enjoying #codorniu Cava & #estrelladamm beer from Spain, the great music from our favorite @Deejay KBee and Sonia Olla performace. BEIÑ: Be in Fashion Spain. Fashion Spain New York

"Art of Slow Fashion" Panel by Beiñ. The touch of Spain. from BEIÑ.The Touch of Spain on Vimeo.

BEIÑ, THE TOUCH OF SPAIN SLOW FASHION CONECTION SPAIN-NY is an open top with fashion industry professionals from Spain & N.Y. wich will discuss the issue of the new concpet Slow Fashion from different points of view and experiences. BEIÑ, THE TOUCH OF SPAIN Featured Brands: EFIMERO FOREVER, ECOOLOGY, KAMELEONIK & LE KONSPHIN Artist Collaborators: SONIA OLLAS & ARIADNA CASTELLANOS. BEIÑ, THE TOUCH OF SPAIN Accompanied by @LA SOCARRADA USA. — con Mon Barcelona y Angelina Benedetto en GGrippo art+design.