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Designers | Viviana Lopes
I am a passionate woman who follows her dreams. My strong personality and sensitivity is a reflection of the spirit of Le Konsphin. I try to find in my products a creative elegance with a touch of the Red Dao people in Vietnam. Looking for a balance in my life, I just realized how important is the ethical and sustainable meanings in life, people and work.

Designers | Ana Isabel Escribano
I am a fashion, accessories, trends and styling passionate with an affable, curious, outgoing, personality and a great capacity to work within a group as well as the search and overcome of new challenges. “The handbag” is not only the star and essential accessory but also the favorite and fetish element. I am self-taught in my design and manufacture. Each design is treated as if it were a piece of jewelry, giving it value and stamping on each of them the nature and values of Le Konsphin!

Designers | Maria Cortizo
I am graduate on Business Law but always have been connected with fashion. After working in companies like Bimba&Lola and Mango designing at the accessories department, I decided ti set up a business, a new concept store, where you can buy furniture, a manufactured headpiece or take a workshop of urban organic garden, … Now, I´m really glad since Viviana told me to collaborate with this amazing project where persons are the most important!

Designers | Aga Lato
I’m a versatile creative individual working in area of  fashion, art and design, education. Contemporary I work full time in area of design education, where in my spare time I continue and pursue my design work. My work  is influenced by my travels, I became a global citizen 8 years ago where I moved out of my home country and start  working on different projects in Europe as well as a South East Asia. Ability to move from place to place is very important to me, what I appreciate about it the most is the chance to explore and study multicultural environments and traditions and take it as an inspiration in my work design art work. From my life chapter of living and working in Vietnam I am especially grateful to learn about and spend some time with  the north Vietnam Ethnic Minorities which I call personally Flowers of Nam  which became inspiration for my designs. I have huge respect for they strength and dedication in cultivating of tradition by craft and costume as much as they everyday life. My recent work is dedicated to all those beautiful women who after all day of  work come back home and spend the last hours working on they craft and so beautifully enriching the landscapes of Vietnam.