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Le Konsphin products are authentic and limited editions, from clothing to accessories. We mix fine fabrics and natural materials such as silk and linen in our clothes and give a traditional touch with a special fabric from Ta Phin, Vietnam. This traditional material is worked by the ethnic “Red Dao” people, given to them work and contributing for new fair income for three families for the time being. We are looking for elegance and simplicity with a touch of Pret-a-Porter! We offer products without establishing collections, creating expectation and anticipation about  the next garment. The products are designed by young national and international designers, creating a fascinating fusion of ideas.

We focus on a quality product, taking care of each garment in great detail. Our products are designed by national and international designers who identify with the project and its values. Production is in Portugal, encouraging local manufacture and high quality of products. We offer a new shopping experience that makes us travel to the East. In addition customers will be donating 5% direct to  development projects such as RED Dream Project. We want to be as ethical and sustainable a company as possible.

Le Konsphin products