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Miss Squiggles Meets Le Konsphin

Miss Squiggles talked to founder Viviana Lopes and she found out that…

Le Konsphin is all about special editions…

“I will not have new collection at the show [Ecoluxe 2014], the reason is that I don’t do collection but special editions. [At Ecoluxe 2014] I will show the black silk dress and the different ways to wear it. I think it is very interesting and I will show it with some other products such as hats, bags and sandals.”

Le Konsphin’s woman is stylish, selfless and eco-conscious

“What does it mean? It means that you can wear Le Konsphin products with everything. Our woman is a woman with style, who cares about quality, products, geographical origin and manufacturing. She likes to feel beautiful and mainly special, that’s why she wears Le Konsphin. Our woman feels very special and unique and she knows she is helping a community in Vietnam as the fabric is made by the Red Dao’s women.”

Eco fashion means a new way of fashion

“Means to make products in a sustainable way; producing locally and helping people.It also means to use natural materials such as organic leather and recycled materials. It means a new way of fashion, a different way of shopping, it means: be ethical.”

Collage | Le Konsphin

Collage | Le Konsphin | Blog Ethical and Sustainable Brand

Do you want to learn more about Viviana Lopes and Le Konsphin? Make sure you visit their website today and embrace the eco fashion power.

Miss Squiggles

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